CEO, Krempl Communications International

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Creator of
Winning in the Work World™

Stephen Krempl is the CEO of Krempl Communications International and creator of the Global Executive Mindset (GEM), a program that focuses on empowering high potential future leaders to make a mark in their organizations. This program, offered through lectures, in-house workshops and online programs, has benefited numerous individuals and organizations globally. Stephen has also extended the GEM™ message to students, through an online program called Winning in the Work World™ (W3 Online), to prepare them as they step into the work world.

As an international trainer, speaker and author, Stephen has worked with thousands of leaders in over 30 countries. His experience has given him valuable insights into what employers really want, and how executives can stand out in their organizations, even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Stephen’s professional career spans over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies, such as PepsiCo Restaurants International and Motorola. He also played pivotal roles as the Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks Coffee Company, and the Vice President of YUM University and Global Learning. He is also the author of five insightful and inspirational books, including his latest “You’re Hired – Now What Do You Do?”, the ultimate playbook to learning the rules and winning in any organization.

"We have seen Stephen work at every level in the corporate environment and he brings a special brilliance, unique insights, and immense experience when working with leaders, managers, and stakeholders in an organization. He is a catalyst for problem solving, change, and learning—all aimed at getting organizational results."

Gaylan W. Nielson, CEO
The Work Itself Group, Co-author of FAKE WORK

“I have known Stephen for twenty years. His personal qualities and experience at senior levels of global multinationals have given him a special understanding of the dynamics in many cultures—be it in Asia, the U.S., or the Middle East. Combined with his unique facilitation skills, he is perfectly placed to inspire Asians to succeed in the global world.”

Philip Merry
Founder and CEO, Global Leadership Academy

“Stephen’s ability to quickly and thoroughly assess any business’ education and training requirements is not only unique but invaluable. His expertise in designing and facilitating training to address those needs across multiple cultures in Asia, the U.S. and the Middle East is well-known among clients and professionals.”

Blair Singer
Co-author of SALES DOG

“I first met Stephen Krempl in 1992 as a training professional in Singapore and have enjoyed working closely with him on important projects since then. Stephen is one of the first Asian-born members of the global training community to rise to the highest levels with multi-national companies based in the United States, including becoming the Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks in Seattle, Washington. He is the consummate global citizen and a powerful contributor to the worldwide business community.”

Ron Kaufman, Founder
UP! Your Service

Winning in the Work World™ has never been easier.

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