Winning in the Work World™ (W3)

Have you been asking yourself these questions?

Will my colleagues and managers take me seriously?

Will I be able to land a promotion?

Do I have what it takes to become a valuable asset to my organization?

With W3 Online, you will learn:

  • When to speak (and what to say) to your superiors and in important meetings
  • How to develop a positive impression when interacting with team members
  • How to present effectively — even to an audience of hundreds
  • How to generate energy and enthusiasm instantly
  • How to connect with subordinates, peers, and superiors through strategic communication
  • Which areas of focus are the most important in a job
  • How to hone essential job interview skills to boost your chances of getting hired through a
    1-on-1 coaching session
  • And much more!

W3™ Online offers:


The six-module series is power-packed with 21 snackable videos and worksheets and skill practice videos (which include our feedback!). What’s more, this program includes a job interview coaching session with a qualified career coach, where you can receive personalized advice and tips on answering difficult interview questions, understanding what interviewers are looking for, and more!

Program Outline

Module One

First Impressions Make All the Difference

Module Two

Having the Ideal Mindset and Determining Your Winning Approach

Module Three

Behaviors That Set You Apart in an Organization

Module Four

Learning the Written and Unwritten Rules of the Game

Module Five

Scenarios You May Experience in the Work World

Module Six

Building Networks Internally and Externally

You are not alone. Such insecurities and doubts can plague anyone, from an inexperienced graduate about to step into the work world to an executive with some work experiences under your belt!

Most of the skill sets required to excel at work are not taught within the classroom. In today’s work world, you can be easily overshadowed by peers who have mastered these real-world skills.

Studies have shown that people who have achieved the highest level of long-term success in their career are not only equipped with academic qualifications, but also possess outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

If you are searching for a guide as you enter the unknown workforce, or looking to jump-start your stagnating career, we have just the tools and insights to empower you to progress and achieve your career goals!

1-on-1 Job Interview Coaching Session


The Key Functional Questions Manual will provide:


Important questions to answer about the primary functional disciplines


A reference manual that instructs you on how to stand out from your peers


What you need to know to look sharp and well-prepared


A Checklist for the First 90 Days will enable you to:


Apply the principles and insights from the book and guide


Customize the tips and strategies to fit your specific career


Continually remind yourself what it takes to stand out so that excellence becomes a personal habit

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CEO, Krempl Communications International

Author, Speaker, Trainer and Creator of
Winning in the Work World™

Stephen Krempl is the CEO of Krempl Communications International and creator of the Global Executive Mindset (GEM), a program that focuses on empowering high potential future leaders to make a mark in their organizations. This program, offered through lectures, in-house workshops and online programs, has benefited numerous individuals and organizations globally. Stephen has also extended the GEM message to students, through an online program called Winning in the Work World™ (W3 Online), to prepare them as they step into the work world.

As an international trainer, speaker and author, Stephen has worked with thousands of leaders in over 30 countries. His experience has given him valuable insights into what employers really want, and how executives can stand out in their organizations, even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Stephen’s professional career spans over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies, such as PepsiCo Restaurants International and Motorola. He also played pivotal roles as the Chief Learning Officer of Starbucks Coffee Company, and the Vice President of YUM University and Global Learning. He is also the author of five insightful and inspirational books, including his latest “You’re Hired – Now What Do You Do?”, the ultimate playbook to learning the rules and winning in any organization.

"Over the last four years, we have been conducting the SL1M program for the government of Malaysia. From the beginning, we applied for The GEM/W3 program for all our graduate trainees. It was a clear content differentiator for the graduates of our program. The content provided students with key information and the all-important practice on how to Standout and Win in the Work World. To date, 1800 students have successfully gone through the program and it has made a difference in their ability to communicate confidently as they move into their careers. Our success hits above 90%!"

Tuan Haji Zuber Moud Isa

Founder / Managing Director – BriTay Asia (M) Sdn Bhd

“Just wanted to say thanks for your course. I really learnt from it and took away key learning points. Out of the 2000 things that I could praise about the session, I would just like to point out 3. Firstly, I felt that your advice to consciously make the decision to be great, was well, great. Secondly, I really learnt how to talk to anyone about anything using the FORM and NORM frameworks. Lastly, I really like the way you used your family and personal examples to make the course all the more personal and enjoyable.”

Nicholas T

"Winning in the Work World is a powerful, practical program that is loaded with great ideas to help you achieve better results, faster, in any organization that you are joining."

Caroline Palmstedt

Talent Management Lead, Monsanto Asia-Pacific

“The Content gives students an “Insider” view of the corporate world. Through these techniques, students can excel in the workplace. It also provides opportunites to apply best practices and put business theories to use.”

John L. Osiri PhD
Washington State University, College of Business

“I found the tools essential in order to succeed in the work world.”

“Visibility as an intern and mindset of “Great” rather than “Good” in order to stand out from other interns.”

“Gives me confidence & makes me understand what are the important points expected in the work world.”

“How to do self- introduction and how to strike a conversation easily.”

“Powerful soft skills to succeed in the workplace.”

“Pay attention as ”small things are big things” and “Prepare” yourself to make a good lasting impression.”

“Practical ways of standing out and having a Stand-Out Mentality.”

“Learning how to be visible and making the conscious decision to change. Practical and useful.”

“Being visible and stand out positively from the rest, and Do/Say things positively because they help improve your employer’s impression of you.”

“Don’t let “little voices” hold you back and make the “decision to be great.”

“This is the type of training that I have been looking for. Thank you!”

“It was fantastic and very inspiring.”

“This program has helped me to identify my weakness in communication.”

“I didn't know that there is a methodology for standing out. This course has equipped me for this.”

“The program helps build my confidence and provides a structure for me to achieve my 5% zone.”

“It is a reminder to make my presence felt by stepping up”

“The most beneficial of this program is the 7 facets.”

“It has introduced to me tips and points that I would never have considered to be important/relevant.”

“Most of the contents are relevant to work life and the techniques provided helps to improve how we actually applied the contents to our work.”

“This course allowed me to reflect and encouraged me to start thinking about how I can make small changes to improve my 5%.”

“Knowing the key differences between people who gets promoted and people who do not.”

“Recommended to colleagues who prepare presentations to make things interesting, yet relevant and succinct.”

“The approach has enlightened me in engaging stakeholders.”

“Very practical and useful session.”

Want to know what mindset shifts will help you stand out at your workplace and catch the attention of key decision-makers from Day 1? Join our FREE webinar now to learn more!

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Want to know what mindset shifts will help you stand out at your workplace and catch the attention of key decision-makers from Day 1? Join our FREE webinar now to learn more!

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